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I worked in a large law firm charging clients high hourly rates until I realized that I could reduce my overhead and provide fixed fee pricing while continuing to provide the same services.

This allows me to take better care of my clients and allows you to focus on building your business, rather than figuring out how to pay your attorney. I am willing to PROVE this by showing you how my fees compare to the fees charged by other firms.



  • My Mission

    I am dedicated to helping you obtain the best protection for your Intellectual Property in the most cost effective manner possible. I will let you in on a secret. Most intellectual property law firms want to speak with you before telling you how much their services cost.

  • My Passion

    I will be just as passionate as you are in using intellectual property law to protect your assets. You need to find the correct balance between navigating intellectual property law and paying to correct price. I can help you achieve this balance.

  • You Need to Consider

    There are many important considerations when considering an intellectual property attorney. How are you going to protect your intellectual property? What areas should you focus on protecting? Is it enough to trust others or to have a signed non-disclosure agreement?


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